Flags of Valor

Inspired by those who serve, handcrafted products made by American veterans.

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Flags of Valor: American Empowerment

A veteran-owned and operated company that prides itself on its patriotic-themed products, Flags of Valor has raised over $1 million for veteran and first responder charities and employs craftsmen who are service-disabled.

The Front Line

The "Front Line" flag is dedicated to the Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, and many more who replaced their red, white, and blue with the subdued American flag worn in battle.

Thin Blue Line

This flag is crafted by combat vets and pays tribute to those who serve honorably all over our nation. It combines our nation's heritage with law enforcement's history of the "the long blue line" of service that preceded them.

Thin Red Line

A tribute to first responders, this flag represents our fallen firefighters and represents the bravery and honor of the firefighter community all over America.

Flags of Valor Meets SnowWolf

Our Freedom Series is inspired by those who serve, and we are proud to support a veteran owned and operated business dedicated to making a difference for veterans and their families.

Join Us in Proudly and Thankfully Supporting Our Veterans

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